Find Your Club

Welcome to BGC Charlotte County Club! We take pride in offering a variety of locations within Charlotte County to bring our services closer to communities and families like yours. Whether you’re seeking fun-filled activities, educational programs, or a supportive environment, we have something for everyone. Take a moment to explore our interactive map below and discover the BGC Charlotte County Club location nearest to you.

Main Club House

54 Disher Lane, Dufferin, NB E3L 3H4
(506) 466-4300 Ext 200.

Blacks Harbour Elementary School

800 Main St, Blacks Harbour, NB E5H 1E6
(506) 466-4300 Ext 200.

Milltown Elementary School

434 Milltown Blvd, St Stephen, NB E3L 1J8
(506) 466-4300 Ext 200.

St Stephen Elementary School

1 Kings Ct, St Stephen, NB E3L 3B2
(506) 466-4300 Ext 200.

Youth Centre

127 Milltown Blvd, St Stephen, NB E3L 3A6
(506) 466-4300 Ext 200.