Gold Rush

Gold Rush Charlotte County

You can play at any of our Gold Rush box locations throughout Charlotte county, up to the pick up time noted on the boxes.

You can play up to 3pm on Wednesdays by calling in your payment with a credit card or visa/debit or by paying with e-transfer. Send your payments to

*Remember to add your Gold Rush number in the comments*

There is also pre-authorized debit so that you never miss a draw. Give us a call and we can email you a form or stop by our Youth Centre on Thursday from 8am to 2:30pm. Click on the blue link below to print one now!

Gold Rush Pre-authorized Debit Form

Remember, if you have a new phone number or email please call the club with your updated information.

Call the club anytime to verify your Gold Rush number or to check your balance 466-4300 ext.203

Reminders are sent out as a courtesy, however you should always keep track of your expiry dates to be sure you are paid up.

When Are Final Box Collections?

St. Andrews boxes are emptied Tuesday morning.

St. George boxes are emptied Tuesday mornings.

St. Stephen boxes are emptied on Wednesday mornings at 9am

Players can play until 3:00pm on Wednesdays by EMT or by calling the club and paying with visa debit/credit over the phone.

If you would like to inquire in person you can visit our Main Club House at 54 Disher Lane from Monday to Friday from 7:30am-am-5:00pm

Pick up times may change due to Holidays please watch our Facebook page for these announcements.

Box Location St. Stephen

Milltown Market, Riverside Grocery, Guardian Drug, Carmens, Atlantic Superstore, Irving Circle K, Red Rooster, Miss D’s

Box Location St. George

Guardian Drug, Independent Grocer, Irving Circle K, Uncle Maynes, Pennfield Esso, Lake Utopia Convenience, Hooper’s Convenience, Pennfield Irving

Box Location St. Andrews

Cummings Convenience, Joey’s Independent Grocer

When you win they win!

Every toonie played is invested into local youth programs, building a stronger community and supporting the success of our youths futures.

Pre Authorized Debit

Don’t worry about missing your play again! Click on the file to download, return to the club and we will take care of the rest.

Rules and Regulations

  • You can join GOLD RUSH anytime
  • You can play as many numbers as you like
  • Children and youth of any age can play GR, the cheque will be written in the child’s name. Both the parent and child will be present when the cheque is picked up.
  • Winner must have government issued ID.
  • If a deceased Gold Rush player has prepaid funds, the cheque will be written to their Estate
  • Numbers of deceased players will be removed from the draw immediately, unless they are prepaid.
  •  Numbers that have not been played in twelve months will be removed from the draw each January.
  • You may prepay GOLD RUSH at any box
  • Emails or phone calls to inform your number has expired are only a courteous gesture and is not guaranteed. You are responsible for tracking your own expiry date.
  • Staff cannot adjust #’s once they are placed in the box, if you make an error you forfeit those funds
  • Please underline your number if it is hard to identify, such as a 6 or a 9
  • Pick up dates and draw dates may change due to statutory holidays and severe weather conditions. Please watch our notices on the boxes, newsletter and Facebook page for changes.
  • All pick up times are posted on our newsletter and website.
  • The winning number and the amount will be advertised in our newsletter, the Courier and our Facebook page.
  • If a winner wishes to remain anonymous, their number will still be released. The BGCCC will call in a third-party accountant to certify the accuracy and reliability of the draw and the accountant will release the cheque to the winner. If a winner chooses to be anonymous, this may slow down their receipt of the cheque due to the schedule of our accountant.
  • BGCCC Board members, staff and their immediate family are eligible to play. If their # was to be drawn the BGCCC will call in a third-party accountant to certify the accuracy and reliability of the draw and the accountant will release the cheque to the winner.
  • All tickets can only be purchased/played in New Brunswick.
  • If your Gold Rush number is drawn but you did not play, you are not eligible to win. Those funds are added to the next weeks winning pot.
  • Payments can be made by debit/credit, e-transfer, pre-authorized debit and cash.
  • Special promos can be held throughout the year. Play your regular toonie as you would and then play as many additional toonies with your gold rush number and the designated letter for that promo. The promo toonies are separate from the weekly 50/50 draw. The more promo toonies you play the more chances you have to win.
  • After the 3rd week of no winner, gold rush players can play bonus toonies (a bonus toonie is your gold rush number and the letter B) for every bonus toonie played an extra ballot will be put into the gold rush drum for more chances to win. Once a gold rush number has been drawn the bonus ballots will then be removed.
  • The winner has one full year from the date number was drawn to pick up their winnings. Cheques not claimed after that date will be donated back to BGC Charlotte County Club.
  • You cannot cancel a Gold Rush number, after a full year of no play the number will be reissued the next January.

E-transfers are accepted as a form of payment, email